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Your Recovery Companion

MotionSense is a connected wearable and app solution designed to engage and motivate you in your recovery from joint replacement surgery, while informing your care team of your progress.

How Does MotionSense Work

Applying the MotionSense wearable sensors is easy - use the adhesive patches provided to apply the sensors above and below the knee on the outside of your operated leg every morning.

The data collected from the MotionSense app and wearable sensors are sent to your Care Team automatically*, allowing them to make more informed decisions in personalizing your care, and empowering you to learn more about your recovery.

Features of MotionSense

  • Personalized exercise regime

    Personalized exercise regime

    MotionSense guides you through your prescribed exercises by tracking your movement in real-time and monitoring your exercise performance from the comfort of your own home.

  • Track your recovery

    Track your recovery

    Visually compare and review your progress over time, including step count, activity time and range of motion.

  • Rate your pain

    Rate your pain

    Help you and your Care Team to understand and manage your pain by indicating your pain levels daily.

  • Complete surveys

    Complete surveys

    From time to time, you will be asked to complete short surveys to enable your Care Team to better understand your pain, stiffness and ability to manage your everyday activities.

  • Send photos of your knee

    Send photos of your knee

    Keep your Care Team updated with photos of your wound progress and raise any concerns you have.

  • Monitor your recovery

    Monitor your recovery

    Wearable sensors are able to measure your daily steps, activity and movement, allowing you and your Care Team to understand your progress and reach your goals.


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